Genesis OLS/MUPS Enhancement

The Genesis MUPS enhancement extends the functionality of the Motorola ASTRO® 25 Outdoor Locator Solution (OLS) and Motorola Universal Processing Server (MUPS) in several ways. Like other Motorola tools, the OLS/MUPS performs a specific task with rock-solid reliability, but its reporting capacity only covers a very brief period of time.

In short, the Genesis OLS/MUPS enhancement connects to the MUPS as a fully qualified client and can integrate every bidirectional MUPS report, request, and answer (i.e. message) with the ASTRO 25 radio and data traffic activity for long-term forensic reporting (1-7 years of storage is typical). The Genesis enhancement is also "Multi-MUPS" capable, with a licensable set of concurrent, independent MUPS client connections, all flowing through GenWatch3® with the same LRRP-based protocol available when connected directly to the MUPS itself. Development of CAD systems to the Motorola ASTRO 25 Outdoor Location Solution API will automatically render them compatible with the Genesis enhancement.

Key Features

Archive GPS / OLS Data
The Genesis OLS/MUPS Enhancement receives LRRP data from the MUPS server and passes every packet back to the Genesis databases for storage alongside the radio activity for as long as desired (typically 1-7 years). The following data points are decoded and stored:

Client Interface
GenWatch3® has a built-in client interface to process individual or batch OLS commands. It supports the following commands:

Notification Triggers
The powerful GenWatch3 Trigger Module immediately pushes notifications on critical location or telemetry changes to the people who need them most. The GenWatch3 Trigger Module can send notification by Audio/Visual GUI notifications, External Alarm Relay interface, SNMP, Email or SMS (through carrier SMTP/SMS gateway). Events include things like:

The solution includes the following OLS/MUPS reports: