ASTRO 25 Performance Management Solutions

GenWatch3® by Genesis is the one tool that pulls together all ASTRO 25 network data to display real-time activity, send critical notifications, and archive data for forensic reporting and comprehensive analysis.

GenWatch3 significantly reduces the amount of time spent assembling or dissecting data from various sources while substantially increasing the amount of information readily available.


GenWatch3 gathers information from multiple connection points on ASTRO 25 Networks, such as:

  • ATIA
  • Unified Event Manager (UEM) or other SNMP devices
  • HPD / IV&D
  • Outdoor Locator Solutions / MUPS
  • MCC7500 Consoles
  • Provisioning Manager Interface (PMI)
  • CADI
  • Advanced Power Monitors (APM)

GenWatch3 provides at-a-glance views of network performance from every angle:

  • System
  • Zone
  • Site
  • Channel
  • Slot
  • Agency
  • Talkgroup
  • Subscriber


  • Data is shared with the Motorola Provisioning Manager (PMI) and other third-party applications to allow for any single point of entry to feed the entire system.
  • Comprehensive billing and customer management module simplifies administration of multiple commercial or public safety agencies.
  • GenWatch3 manages communication between Motorola interaces, such as CADI, UNS/MUPS, and multiple agencies that share a single system.
  • When there are critical system events, alerts are sent in level of priority to the people who need the information the most.
    • Desktop alerts
    • Email alerts
    • SNMP alerts

Archive & Report

  • Every packet of data received from the ASTRO 25 Network is decoded, sorted and stored long-term (years) in MS SQL databases without any loss of detail
  • Reports offer in-depth forensic analysis of archived system activity
  • Trend system utilization for resource planning
  • Usage reporting for cost allocation
  • GenWatch3 reports are flexible and may be modified and saved to create custom variations.


ASTRO 25 Enhancements

ATIA Forwarder

The Genesis ATIA Forwarder receives pure ATIA data and sends it unaltered via TCP/IP to up to 10 destinations, such as CAD consoles, voice recorders, accounting billing systems and more.

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Genesis UEM Enhancement

UEM Data is received from the NBI (Norhtbound Interface) and stored in the GenGET database for forensic reporting.  Live views from the UEM are displayed on EGLView, an interactive Google™ Earth application.

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Genesis OLS/MUPS Enhancement

Outdoor Locator data is receive from the MUPS (Motorola Universal Processing Server) and stored in the GenGET database for forensic reporting.  Live views from the OLS/MUPS are displayed on EGLView, an interactive Google™ Earth application.

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Genesis HPD Enhancement

GenHPD receives information from the GGSN for archiving and reporting on data usage by ID, site, time period, etc.

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Genesis PMI Enhancement

The Genesis PMI Enhancement makes it possible for simple remote provisioning on the Motorola Provisioning Manager Interface and synchronization with third-party asset management and accounting software.

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CADI Enhancement

The CADI Enhancement delivers filtered CADI data seamlessly to multiple agencies.

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Genesis Global Enterprise Tool for ATIA: capture, sorting and long-term storage.  GenGET is used by GenWatch3 for management, monitoring and reporting across multiple agencies and networks.

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MCC 7500 Console Enhancement

GADI (Genesis-Aided Dispatch Interface) is a time and labor-saving hardware and software integration solution for MCC 7500 Dispatch Console users.

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